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Architecture and technical strategy Architecture and technical strategy

Effective software architecture can be integral to the success of your business. It should fulfil the needs of its users, and work seamlessly with existing IT systems and processes. It should be designed for today’s tasks, and both anticipate and enable your organisation’s needs in future.

Even a small amount of advice from our consultants can lead to significant benefits. We can assist you in identifying and integrating new technologies, and help your staff close their own skills gaps.

What we

Our work is based on some firm and established principles:

Our work is based on some firm and established principles:

Architecture is evolutionary

We believe that architecture should start small, be based on an initial set of goals, and evolve as these goals change and grow.

Experience matters

We have extensive experience in designing and building large-scale enterprise systems. We suggest tools and technologies that are tried and tested, and can demonstrate that they work.

Open source, then buy, then build

We build bespoke solutions, but only where this approach adds value. We always look for open source or commercial solutions that “fit” to provide the best return on investment.

Designing for the future

Good software architecture integrates seamlessly with existing IT systems, process and the people that maintain them. We always design our solutions with future maintainers in mind.

How we can
help you

Whether you’re looking to evolve your architecture or simply require expert advice, Scott Logic can help:

Capitalise on new technologies

It is often hard for companies to gauge what’s out there, and how it can benefit their business. Some may opt for solutions that do not fit their needs, or do not scale to match their goals. We can help you assess the range of options out there, and select those that meet your requirements.

More effective architecture

Many firms are forced to work around architecture that was designed for yesterday’s ambitions. We have more than a decade of experience in building large-scale enterprise systems that work, and can help you deliver solution that is designed for the present and the future.

Increased staff knowledge

Employees can often become entrenched in the same thinking and processes when working in one area for a long time. As consultants, we can help them explore new approaches, and assist them in becoming more versatile and open to different ways of working.

If you'd like to know more, please contact our Technology Director, Colin Eberhardt.

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