Our work We always deliver the most pragmatic response to our clients’ needs

Our work Our work

We always deliver the most pragmatic response to our clients' needs. Sometimes this means delivering technical audits, sometimes building complete platforms from scratch, other times we deliver front-end UX design for an existing app. Here's a flavour of some of our recent work…

Our Work
Passion for technology, flair for design

Passion for technology, flair for design

We have a passion for technology, and a flair for design, which is why we love the chance to combine the two. Our UX and technology teams are working closely with a company that provides transactional lifecycle services on a range of innovation projects including distributed-ledger and machine learning.

Trusted by Nord Pool

When Nord Pool wanted a mobile app to showcase its energy market prices, it turned to its trusted long-term partner: Scott Logic.

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"...you force us to be better, are easy to work with and make projects fun and exciting."

Chris Welhams, IT Director, NordPool

"...I wanted to extend my thanks for all the work done thus far! Clients had – literally –jaw dropping reactions to Beta 3!!"

Product Manager, RMS

Delivering a ‘tour de force’ in trading technology

Discover how Scott Logic’s HTML5 experts helped to build a multi-award winning trading platform for Danish investment bank, Saxo Bank.

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Our clients include 7 of the top 10 biggest investment banks.

Safe hands

For many companies the migration from legacy technologies to the web is an ongoing process, with trading platforms being some of the most complex products to migrate. At Scott logic we've undertaken migration projects, and built web-based trading platforms for a range of clients. With our skills and experience you really are in safe hands.

Our clients include 7 of the top 10 biggest investment banks.

"Scott Logic have helped us explore the art of the possible by redesigning our reporting solution in line with new regulation to make it not only intuitive, but a pleasure to use."

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Harnessing the power of the cloud

Harnessing the power of the cloud

Analysts working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) use a huge range of open data sources to support the goals of the department and require quick access to data, and a space to exchange ideas and information securely.

Serverless data pipelines, for maximum agility

We designed and built a new cloud platform using AWS that was intuitive and easy to use. The architecture was designed to be secure from the outset, whilst allowing for easy expansion and development as the project progressed. It allows FCO data scientists with no in-depth technical knowledge to add and mutate data sources themselves, providing the agility our client desired.

"Thank you to the Scott Logic team for their hard work, guidance and patience. We know we didn’t make it easy, but we have reached this milestone and have built an exciting gateway into the NEX Optimisation suite of services."

Scott Feldman, VP, Strategic Projects, NEX

Robo-guidance doesn’t just sound cool - it is!

We've designed and developed a number of D2C platforms that are transforming the core operating models of some of the world's biggest investment management forms.

Robo-guidance doesn’t just sound cool - it is!

Rabobank: Helping shape an effective DevOps culture

When Rabobank wanted to ensure that its delivery teams were adopting DevOps methods effectively, it called on the experienced team at Scott Logic.

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“Scott Logic’s consultants helped us identify various practices which will enable us to function better as a DevOps team. We are already reaping the benefits of this. We found them very knowledgeable about DevOps practices and a pleasure to work with.”

Paul Johnson: Scrum Master, Rabobank

ACTIV Financial: Market data meets JavaScript

ACTIV Financial: Market data meets JavaScript

Learn how Scott Logic delivered a new JavaScript API to help ACTIV Financial stay ahead in the Capital Markets sector.

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Complete mobile banking experience

From the world's largest investment banks to much smaller FinTech companies, we love the challenge of financial software in all shapes and sizes. Within Bristol we worked with a novel company, Bristol Pound, who created a local currency. Our team built a mobile app that provides their users with a complete mobile banking experience.

"During our long-standing partnership, Scott Logic’s consultants have offered an outstanding service – sparring with us on our technology strategy and providing vital support for the development of our award-winning trading platform."

Arne Henningsen,
Head of IT Client Experience, Saxo Bank